Notable Cases

$6.7 Million settlement against City and State of New York for innocent Bronx man who was wrongfully convicted of murdering a Fex Ex executive in 1995 and spent 12 years in prison.  See Press (New York City and State to Pay $6.7 Million to Settle Murder Conviction Lawsuit - NY Times - Nov. 2014)

After winning the release and exoneration for one of the Soundview Five, see Press (Cleared of One ’95 Murder, 3 Men Have Conviction Vacated in a 2nd - NY Times)the Firm successfully obtained a $7.78 million settlement for him and a co-defendant against the State of New York for their wrongful convictions. The Firm continues to represent both plaintiffs in a civil rights lawsuit against the City of New York.

Not Guilty at a retrial for innocent client whose conviction was overturned by appeals court after serving over 4 years in prison for attempted murder of a livery cab driver. After discovering during the retrial that the police withheld evidence that would have proved client's innocence, the Firm sued, obtaining a $2.5 million settlement for client. (People v. Maldonado (Bronx Supreme Court, 2003); Maldonado v. City of New York, et al. (Bronx Supreme Court, 2012))

Motion to vacate conviction granted for Marcos Poventud, co-defendant of Maldonado (above), based on exculpatory evidence that the police withheld from the prosecutor and defense. Client released after serving 9 years in prison. (People v. Poventud)(Bronx Supreme Court, 2005)) The Firm brought a civil rights lawsuit in federal court against the police detectives and the City of New York for violating client's due process right to a fair trial, even though the innocent client pled guilty to be immediately released from prison. See Press (Full Circuit Allows Rights Suit Despite Guilty Plea - New York Law Journal) An en banc 2nd Circuit Appeals Court agreed that our client had the right to sue for violation of his fair trial rights. $2.75 Million settlement reached with the City! (Dec. 2015) See Press (L.I. Man Who Spent 9 Years in Prison on Wrongful Attempted Murder Conviction Wins $2.75 Million from City)

$1.4 million settlement against private bus company in wrongful death suit for the Estate of a woman who was tragically killed at the scene of the accident and who did not have any dependents. (Estate of Alice C. v. Torero, et al.)(Queens Supreme Court, 2012))

Former NY1 anchor Dominic Carter's conviction for attempted assault reversed and dismissed by Appellate Court. See Press (Court reverses conviction of former NYC newsman - Fox News)

$1.5 Million settlement for pedestrian who sustained a traumatic brain injury after being struck by a truck despite having no lost wages claim due to her undocumented alien status. (Teoh v. Falletta) (Queens Supreme Court, 2009))

$230,000 settlement against City of New York for inmate who was assaulted by other inmates on Rikers Island due to prison guards' complicity. (Douglas v. City of NY)(SDNY, 2009)

$150,000 settlement against City of New York for 2 inmates who were slashed on their faces with a makeshift scalpel by rival gang member on Rikers Island. Prison guard permitted their attacker to clear security despite setting off magnatometer. (Martinez v. City of NY; Brogdon v. City of NY)(SDNY, 2012))

Not Guilty on all counts, including Driving While Intoxicated and Driving While Impaired, for a client whose blood alcohol reading was 1.57 on the breathalyzer machine. (People v. Hardy M. (Bronx County 2009))