Are You a Victim of NYC Prison Guard Brutality?

prison guard In spite of their incarceration and circumstances, inmates still have certain rights. This includes the right to be free from brutality and excessive force from prison guards. Unfortunately, prison guards sometimes abuse their power and cross the line in how they treat inmates. If you or a loved one have been subjected to prison guard brutality, then contact the New York City criminal defense lawyers from Romano & Kuan.

When does prison guard brutality give rise to legal remedies? 

When a prison guard exercises brutality that is unreasonable under the circumstances, then the victim may have a claim for damages if they have sustained injuries. Whether the brutality was unreasonable or otherwise unwarranted depends upon the particular facts of the incident.

To assist in determining whether the brutality crossed the line, you can gather evidence that may be relevant. This may include:
• Statements from witnesses
• Video recordings from the prison
• Photographs of injuries
• Prison incident reports
• Medical records

An attorney can help you identify information and evidence that is specific to your case. They can also assist in gathering and preserving this information.

Why should you contact an attorney? 

Prison guard brutality cases can be complex. An attorney can help you pursue a claim that complies with all legal requirements. An attorney will look out for your interests and help protect your rights. They will ensure that justice is served and that you receive an appropriate remedy.

An attorney can provide legal advice to help you know how to best address a situation and know what to expect. If you or a loved one have sustained injuries as a result of prison guard brutality, then contact Romano & Kuan immediately to discuss your options. Our New York City criminal defense lawyers will look for ways for you to receive justice.