Romano & Kuan Win

Federal Judge Denies City's Summary Judgment Motion to Dismiss Malicious Prosecution and Excessive Force Claims Against NYPD Officers.

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R&K Wins After Insurance Co Appeals MV Accident Trial Verdict

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Jail Visitors Falsely Arrested for Smuggling Books Soaked with K2

Romano & Kuan along with Emery Celli Brinckerhoff & Abady file class action over visitors falsely arrested for smuggling drugs into jail through books.

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$40 Million to "Soundview Five" from NYC

Romano & Kuan instrumental in obtaining $40 Million settlement against NY City for five innocent people who each served 18 year in prison. (Glissen, et al. v. City of NY) (SDNY)

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Close to $20 Million to "Soundview Five" from NY State

Romano & Kuan instrumental in obtaining an additional $19.45 Million against NY State for the Unjust Convictions of the "Soundview Five." (Glissen, et al. v. State of NY) (NY Court of Claims)

$6.7 Million Settlement to Widow of Man Wrongfully Convicted of Murder

Romano & Kuan instrumental in obtaining $6.7 Million settlement from NY City and State for the widow and daughter of innocent Bronx man who served 12 years in prison. (Vasquez v. City of NY) (SDNY); (Vasquez v. State of NY) (NY Court of Claims)

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$2.75 Million Settlement from NYC

Romano & Kuan obtains $2.75 million settlement from NY City for innocent man who plead guilty after 9 years of torturous incarceration. (Poventud v. City of NY) (SDNY)

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Acquittal in Attempted Murder Retrial and $2.5 Million for Wrongful Conviction

Julia P. Kuan wins acquittal for client in attempted murder re-trial after uncovering withheld exculpatory evidence. After suing NY City for police sergeant's misconduct, Ms. Kuan obtains $2.5 Million for same client in his civil rights lawsuit. (Maldonado v. City of NY)(Bronx Supreme Court)

$1.4 Million Wrongful Death Settlement

Romano & Kuan obtains $1.4 Million wrongful death settlement against bus company for estate of pedestrian who had no vitals at the scene of the accident and no dependents. (Estate of Alice C. v. Torero, et al.) (Queens Supreme Court)

Acquittal in Sex Trafficking Case

Julia P. Kuan wins Not Guilty verdict for massage spa owner accused of sex trafficking two female massage workers. (People v. Ding Yuan) (New York County Supreme Court)

$1.5 Million Settlement for Undocumented Woman Who Was Struck by a Truck

Julia P. Kuan obtains $1.5 Million settlement from trucking company for pedestrian who sustained a traumatic brain injury despite having no lost wages claim due to her undocumented status. (Teoh v. Falleta) (Queens Supreme Court)

Confidential Settlement against Bank For Malicious Prosecution

Julia P. Kuan obtains settlement for customer who was wrongfully accused and prosecuted for cashing a stolen tax refund check when real perpetrator was bank's employee. (Melendez v. The Check Cashing Place) (SDNY)

$230,000 Settlement for Victim of Rikers Inmate on Inmate Assault

After uncovering facts that prison guards were complicit in inmate on inmate assault, Julia P. Kuan obtains $230,000 settlement for inmate client against NY City (Douglas v. City of NY) (SDNY)

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Julia P. Kuan Obtains Reversal and Dismissal for Former NY1 Anchor

Former NY1 Anchor Dominic Carter wins reversal and dismissal on domestic assault charge.

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Not Guilty of Driving While Intoxicated and Impaired Charges

Julia P. Kuan wins acquittal on all counts, including Driving While Driving While Impaired, for client whose BAC was 1.57 on breathalyzer (People v. Hardy M.) (Bronx Criminal Court)

$200,000 Jury Verdict in Motor Vehicle Accident Case

Julia P. Kuan wins 100% liability at trial against other vehicle despite client's husband having stop sign (Queens Supreme Court)