NYC Easement Title Issues

easementAn easement generally involves authorized permission to someone else’s property that would otherwise make automatic access impossible. Access to public beaches through neighborhoods are classic examples of easements, generally providing some type of limited use of the real estate for the purposes of benefitting a party other than the actual property owner. Most times, an easement is agreed to by the parties involved, usually negotiated by a real estate easement attorney, or the property owner accepts the easement as a condition of the property (utility company access is a typical situation for this).

Not Every Easement Is Easy To Manage

At times there can be issues where easements come into conflict. The property owners who own the property, the easement affects change hands, or the easement use becomes more than what the original easement was supposed to allow are common situations. The latter is a bit like adverse possession over time and is known as an easement by prescription.

Additionally, other conflicts can come up when the original easement cannot be easily proven, i.e., a missing title record. This usually requires technical research through municipal records to determine where things left off last. In these events, it’s easy for a squabble or disagreement to develop about who has access to what.

Peace with Easement Attorney

Where there are real estate property title issues, parties will usually bring in the help of an easement attorney or real estate legal help to clear up the matter. Among real estate lawyers NYC resources, Romano & Kuan have proven to be very effective in resolving challenging easement issues, including those that develop from lack of awareness or neglect. Where technical expertise is needed from real estate legal help, specifically on easements, our team is ready to respond. Call us for a consultation to get started!