Police Brutality Victim? How We Can Help!

police brutalityIn New York City, New York and elsewhere, it is illegal for police officers to exercise excessive force against a person they are arresting. The only exception is when a suspect is resisting arrest or using violence against the officers.

Unfortunately, incidents of police brutality occur on a seemingly daily basis. There are some alarming statistics about police brutality in the New York City area as well. They include the following:

• According to the Civilian Complaint Review Board or CCRB, there were 4,487 complaints made in 2017 about excessive force, brutality or other instances of misconduct by police.
• About 20 percent of the complaints received by the CCRB were valid.
• Last year, police shot and killed 1,166 people around the country.
• People of color are more than doubly likely to be shot and killed by police officers than white people.

Police brutality doesn’t just include shootings of innocent people. There are other types of acts police may commit that fall under the category of “police brutality.” If you have experienced any of the following, you have a valid claim for a civil lawsuit for police brutality:

• Discrimination based on gender, age, race or sexual orientation
• Excessive force that is unreasonable
• Excessive tasering
• False arrest or wrongful imprisonment
• Physical or verbal abuse
• Unlawful search and seizure

In many cases, victims of police brutality have evidence of the incident as a result of video footage. Sometimes, that footage is taken from the victims themselves and recorded by their smartphone. In other cases, footage may come from the police officer’s body cam.

If you have been the victim of police brutality in NYC, you need Romano & Kuan on your side. The experienced NYC attorneys will protect your rights and fight to ensure you get the compensation you deserve. Contact Romano & Kuan at your earliest convenience to discuss your case with NYC attorneys.