Property Closings: Tips For A Successful Closing

property closingWhen you find the perfect home and make your offer, you are eager to complete the transaction and move into your dream home. But before doing so, you will need to go through the closing process. While everything may go as planned, this is a period where various factors result in delays or even the transaction falling through. If you want to have a successful closing, here are some tips to remember.

Work with an Attorney 

If you try to complete the closing process yourself, mistakes almost always occur. Instead, work with New York NY real estate closing attorneys at Romano & Kuan. This will be important for many reasons, particularly when you receive the Closing Disclosure from your lender. Since you should carefully review this before finalizing your deal, always meet with your attorney to ensure you understand everything contained in the document.

Delay Big Purchases Until Closing is Completed 

If you are planning to purchase a new car or other big-ticket item that may require financing, delay your purchase until after the closing is completed. Since your lender will check your credit prior to the closing, any new large purchases could disqualify you from your mortgage loan.

Always Ask Questions 

When meeting with your lender, the settlement company, and others associated with the transaction, never hesitate to ask questions along the way. For example, make sure you understand the different ways in which a title can be held, the nuances of title insurance, and your rights as a property owner. To ensure your rights are protected, always work closely with New York NY real estate closing attorneys at Romano & Kuan.

Since purchasing real estate is so expensive and complex, don’t let needless mistakes hinder your transaction. Instead, discuss your upcoming purchase by scheduling a consultation with New York NY real estate closing attorneys at Romano & Kuan.