Victim of Police or Prosecutor Misconduct Resulting in Being Falsely Accused & Convicted? What You Should Know

false accusationYou may have thought your worst nightmare was arrest and accusation for something you did not do. But once you become a defendant in the criminal justice system, the well-funded police and prosecutors’ offices put their resources behind obtaining a conviction and incarceration.

False Accusations Are Common 

Police and prosecutors often feel pressure to placate a general public fed up with danger and crime. Their job performance is judged by number of arrests and obtaining convictions. Overzealous law enforcement often focus on “closing” cases and “winning” convictions instead of true crime-solving, often at the expense of defendants’ constitutional rights. As a result, law enforcement will sometimes hide or destroy favorable evidence, coerce confessions, manufacture false evidence, intimidate witnesses into providing false statements, or conducting unfair identification procedures.

How to Prove Your Innocence 

In order to fight against the “system” that will do everything it can to convict you and to defend that conviction, you need experienced trial and appellate lawyers from Romano & Kuan who will zealously advocate in court and aggressively investigate on the streets. You need allies like lawyers from Romano & Kuan to fight for your rights and to help prove your innocence.

Your Options After Conviction 

A conviction is not the end. Formidable attorneys will review your trial transcript, bring an appeal, conduct an investigation and/or bring a motion to vacate your conviction. If we are able to successfully obtain a reversal or vacatur of your conviction, you may have to right to pursue reparations for being falsely accused or convicted.  Romano & Kuan has brought many successful civil rights cases and wrongful conviction cases on behalf of clients who lost years of their lives to malicious prosecutions and unjust incarceration.